Seattle !

Une photo de l'exposition en cours à la galerie Krab Jab studio !

De gauche à droite : Brian Froud, moi-même, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Yoann Lossel, Allen Williams, Julie Baroh, Tory Taber et Norman Taber!

3 commentaires:

  1. Bien entouré dis donc ! Bravo !

    1. Oui ! Une jolie expo :) Elle tourne encore à la comicon d'Emerald City ce week end !
      Merci MiB :)

  2. Thank you for sending your art to Seattle. I saw your piece "Quiet Strength" at Emerald City ComicCon and fell in love with it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The combination of textures you created with paper and graphite amazes me, and the expression on the character's face is so alive. It's now hanging in my upstairs hallway, in the company of original work by Alex Ross and Simone Bianchi! It traveled a long way, and now has a great new home. (Juliet(at)julietnordeen(dot)com)